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"kiss me blue"          blue marble

"comfort"                    mixed media, bronz

"karen napping"

"isadore"          pencil drawing

"torso 8"          utah alabaster

"get out"          utah alabaster

"the thinker"    oil on canvas     24" x 24"

"compatibility"                      bronze

"mario"          pencil drawing

beautiful bronze bookends

kelly borsheim

​ Combining her classical art training (drawing, painting, sculpting) with her pastel work as a ‘madonnara’ (Italian word for “street painter”) in Florence, Italy, artist Kelly Borsheim creates images and stone or bronze sculptures that explore our inner dialogue. She works with charcoal, pencil & pastel, and sculpts in marble, wax (for bronze), clay and stone. Kelly splits her time between Italy and Central Texas.

The Frame shop

& Franklin barry gallery

"fish lips"          marble

"together & alone"          bronze

"9-1-1"                  bronze


bronze relief



"the sentinal"

"mobius mouth" - rattlesnake limestone

& henna limestone