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The Frame shop

& Franklin barry gallery


bronze relief

"torso 8"          utah alabaster

"get out"          utah alabaster



"fish lips"          marble

"kiss me blue"          blue marble

"comfort"                    mixed media, bronz

"the thinker"    oil on canvas     24" x 24"

"compatibility"                      bronze

"together & alone"          bronze

"the sentinal"

"mobius mouth" - rattlesnake limestone

& henna limestone

"karen napping"

"isadore"          pencil drawing

"mario"          pencil drawing

beautiful bronze bookends

"9-1-1"                  bronze

kelly borsheim

​ Combining her classical art training (drawing, painting, sculpting) with her pastel work as a ‘madonnara’ (Italian word for “street painter”) in Florence, Italy, artist Kelly Borsheim creates images and stone or bronze sculptures that explore our inner dialogue. She works with charcoal, pencil & pastel, and sculpts in marble, wax (for bronze), clay and stone. Kelly splits her time between Italy and Central Texas.